Bellagio Natural Stone Range


Granite is an igneous rock, formed over millions of years deep in the earth’s crust. It is naturally hard and resilient, and requires very little after-care. Sourced from around the world through UK-based suppliers, our own granite range represents a broad spectrum of the many beautiful colours and patterns available.

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Marble is a metamorphosed limestone often used for flooring and cladding as well as worktops. It is softer than granite and therefore requires a little more care, but is a popular choice especially for bathrooms and decorative uses.


A sedimentary rock commonly made up of shell fragments and tiny fossils, limestone, like marble, is soft and is not suitable for kitchen worktops. It is however often used in bathrooms and for other cladding work.


Quartzite is formed from quartz sandstone, and while it often looks similar to marble, it is in fact as hard as many granites, which makes it a perfect bridge between the two for worktops.

sensa natural granite by cosentino

The Sensa range consists of maintenance-free, high-quality, natural granite. Each slab is unique and is subjected to a revolutionary protective treatment that provides superior protection and high stain resistance.

Unlike standard sealants, the treatment applied to Sensa chemically attaches itself to the stone surface to create a permanent barrier. Subsequently, all Sensa granite comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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Beltrami Natural Stone

Beltrami wants to supply to professionals in the construction industry an extended range of quality natural stone at affordable prices and without compromise together with our offer of outstanding service and support.

Natural stone is one of the most durable construction materials in itself. However, the extraction, production and transport of stone faces ethical and ecological challenges. In order to speak of a sustainable product, many improvements have to be made along the supply chain. To answer these many challenges in the 21st century, Beltrami is strongly aware that only a sustainable attitude will hold the answer.

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